Taiwan airlift

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Taiwan airlift

Postby Rob Allanson » Mon Jul 20, 2009 2:19 pm

THE twenty-three million people of Taiwan off the coast of China love some of the finer sweeter things in life, which has led to an unexpected - and welcome - sales boost for a Scottish malt whisky distiller from Aberdeenshire.
An initial order for 400 cases of GlenDronach sold out in fifteen days so a second consignment of a further 100 cases is being air freighted to the island from the Forgue distillery. This is over and above two more sizeable orders - one which is currently in transit and the other due for dispatch over the coming fortnight.
GlenDronach regional sales director James Cowan said: "This really is serendipity. GlenDronach is one of Scotland's sweet, richly sherried malts, and its spiced chocolate edge has often been commented on by enthusiasts far and wide. But this is the first time a country's sweet tooth has led to us selling out so quickly and having to replenish stocks via a sizeable air shipment rather than by the more common sea freight."

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