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Plug in, tune out and dram

Postby Rob Allanson » Fri Mar 27, 2009 11:33 am

There's more to enjoy than the single malt whisky when it comes to Scotland's 'home-grown' goods, as a meeting of two national brands promises to demonstrate.

Glengoyne, one of Scotland's longest established independent distilleries, has forged a unique partnership with Tannoy, one of the world's oldest and most recognised loudspeaker manufacturers - also based in Scotland, having manufactured premium quality hi-fi speakers at their current Coatbridge site for more than 35 years.

Both companies compete in the high end of their respective markets, with particularly strong presence in the connoisseur or 'aficionado' end of the scale. The partnership brings together limited edition vintage whisky with, cutting edge hi-fi audio, aiming at those with a passion for both malt and music.

This fusion of two major Scottish brands is celebrated in a special event aimed at showcasing the best of what each company has to offer, under the banner of 'Scotland's Finest'. Tannoy will be unveiling their latest and much anticipated premium hifi loudspeaker range - Definition Series - while Glengoyne will be presenting some of their most exclusive specialist bottlings. Among these special whisky offerings will be a unique and rare 40yo limited to just 250 bottles.

The event will also play host to some of Scotland's finest culinary fare, including Loch Fyne shellfish and locally sourced smoked salmon, alongside a collection of some of the finest artwork by Scottish artists including Charles Rennie Mackintosh - making this a genuinely 'best of Scottish' affair. It will be hosted by BBC Radio Scotland presenter Tom Morton.

It all happens in Glasgow on the evening of Monday 4th May at the city's leading hi-fi boutique, Audio Salon, located in The Townhouse, Park Circus. Both Glengoyne and Tannoy would like to extend a warm and open invitation to all whisky connoisseurs with a taste for spirited music. If you're interested in attending this event, please email for further information on the evening's itinerary and for directions.

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