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Another leap forward

Postby Kate » Mon Oct 27, 2003 12:54 pm

A new company has been launched to market whisky by taste. And the Easy Drinking Whisky Company is set to break new ground by launching an Irish whiskey as one of its three launches.
The company, set up by the Macallan’s Dave Robertson and brothers John and Mark Geary, will sell whisky under the names The Smooth Sweeter One, The Rich Spicy One and The Smokey Peaty One.
They will be available initially in the United Kingdom from October through Oddbins and they are being backed with an extensive tasting programme. They are aimed at people who already like whisky by taste, but are free of much of the traditional baggage that puts many drinkers off.
“Flavour and quality is absolutely paramount,” said Dave Robertson. We wanted something that tasted great, that could be enjoyed but not worshipped.”
For each of the three whiskies the Easy Drinking team experimented extensively with different whiskies to find something of sufficient quality to appeal to the discerning and lifestyle-conscious drinker.
The bottles are designed to be stylish and different and could appeal to a new type of whisky drinker.
But the most interesting aspect of the new company is the fact that it has been prepared to look outside its Scottish roots and embrace an Irish whiskey for its Smoother Sweeter One. The team concluded that only Irish whiskey could give it the smoothness it needed.

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