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Read all about it

Postby Kate » Mon Oct 06, 2003 11:53 am

Whisky enthusiasts will be spoilt for choice this autumn as a whole range of books on the subject hit the market.
They include new publications by three senior Whisky Magazine contributors.
Whisky – a Liquid History by Charles MacLean is a chronological account of the development of whisky and is published in hardback form. With nearly 300 pages and 100 photographs, it is a weighty and worthwhile addition to the library and is published by Cassell Illustrated.
Ian Wisniewski’s Discovering, Exploring, Enjoying Malt Whisky, published by Ryland, Peters and Small, is part of a series on spirits drinks and is a lighter introduction to malts and the regions they come from.
It is a delightful book nevertheless and ideal as a stocking filler at Christmas for anyone who enjoys a dram and would like to know a little bit more.
Appreciating Whisky by Pip Hills is for the more serious whisky drinker, and sets out to teach the reader the art of nosing whisky. If anyone can do it, Pip can. The book’s been out in hardback for a while and received warm reviews – now you can get it in paperback too. It’s out on Collins.
If you fancy learning just about all there is to know on either Aberlour or Port Ellen, then the new collector’s guides by Ralf Bernhardt and Hans Georg Würsching are worth checking out. Each is the result of extensive and pain-staking research and come recommended to only the most serious enthusiast. But if you do love either distillery’s products, these books are heaven-sent, and almost guaranteed to introduce you to some new favourites. They‘re published by Cluaran.
Finally, Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2004, published by Carlton, includes tastings of 2,000 whiskies, debunks some of
the jargon that goes with the territory, brings you up to date
on new bottlings and evaluates the best and worst deals in the whisky market. All for less than £10 ($16).

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