Scotch Whisky (x2)

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Scotch Whisky (x2)

Postby irishwhiskeychaser » Wed Aug 13, 2008 7:39 pm

Bought 2 whisky books today from 1969 & 1974. I like getting these type book as it give a totally different prespective on the Whisky industry and what was the fashion at te time.

both titled Scotch Whisky

The First

Scotch Whisky it's Past and Present David Daiches

First Edition Hardback with DJ 1969

This looks the most promising as 3 of the 8 chapters seem to offer up something new for me to read. Chapter 2 Social and Economic History to 1823, Chapter 3 The Patent Still and it's consequences and lastly Chapter 4 Growth of the Big Five. Which are Haig, Dewar, Walker, Buchanan & White Horse. All built their empires on the blended whisky as was the flavour of the month them.

the second book dosn't look half as interesting

Scotch Whisky
as tasted by
Bill Simpson Hugh MacDiarmid
Theodora FitzGibbon Jack House
Donald Mackinlay Anthony Troon

First Edition Hardback with DJ 1974

Seems like the usual padding on how its made , history etc which is also in the first one. Chapter on Great Malt Whiskies could be revealing about malts of that time ??? will be interesting to read this Blenders Art will probably be run of the mill stuff. In Praise of famous names may be insiteful of the times. Scotch for the Hostess typical sexist insite of the late 60's early 70's as it was filled with recipes for the woman to cook :roll:

Anyway looking forward to perusing these 2 books will report anything interesting :thumbsup:

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