Whisky Dreams: Having your DRAM and eating it too

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Whisky Dreams: Having your DRAM and eating it too

Postby Whiskylassie » Tue Sep 09, 2014 2:19 pm

I was looking to expand my whisky book collection and I'm always looking for something different. Well, I certainly found it in this great little book. I love whisky and I love to cook so it seemed like a perfect combination to pick up a book with the name "having your dram and eating it too".

I was in for so much more. The book is well written, the chapters are laid out in a way that is quite enjoyable and in just over 200 pages Ms. Walsh manages to put stories, recipes, advice, pronunciation table and so much more. Now I know some people will say it's unheard of to actually put whiskies in your food (expand your horizons people!!). I tried several of the recipes and what I quickly realized was by adding just a little whisky, there was a fusion of flavors and the whisky actually enhances the taste of many of these great recipes.

I made the single malt dressing that I served with a plain garden salad and one of my "foodie" friends raved at how delicious it was. She kept trying to guess the ingredient that was "pepping" up the salad. When I eventually told her I had added a few tablespoons of whisky she begged for the recipe. I was more than pleased.

As for Ms. Walsh, she has a reputation of being at the forefront of whisky trends and I think this book is yet another triumph in that direction. For anyone who is looking to do something different in the kitchen or simply wants a nice relaxing read on food pairings and/or a few whisky journeys, this is a must have for your whisky book collection. Makes for a great Christmas gift!


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