World Whisky Guide: Jim Murray

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World Whisky Guide: Jim Murray

Postby bond » Tue Apr 05, 2005 7:07 am

Was pleasantly suprised to find this book in a local bookstore and picked it up instantly.

My exposure to whisky writers had been restricted to Michael Jackson's malt whisky books and Dave Broom's handbook. Must say that Mr Murray has a far more prosaic, and I dare say, more interesting style of writing.

Hitherto, I had mostly come across tasting guides. This one is refreshingly informative and gives a fair amount of information on the history and background of distilleries. I think he could have done with a some more tasting notes or at least a mention of the range of horses from each stable.

Also, I had expected blends to be covered, only to be disappointed. Ditto with the lack of coverage of japanese whiskies.

How does this book compare with the Whisky Bible by the same author?? Anyone who has read both books?

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Postby lexkraai » Tue Apr 05, 2005 7:35 am

How does this book compare with the Whisky Bible by the same author?? Anyone who has read both books?

Yep, I have. The Whisky Bible(s) couldn't be more different from the World Whisky Guide. It's got tasting notes, tasting notes and tasting notes (plus scores) of a massive amount of whiskies (malts from around the world, blends, bourbons, canadians, you name it).

Cheers, Lex

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Postby WestVanDave » Wed Apr 06, 2005 5:30 am

Both are great - and as Lex points out very different. I would consider both to be "must haves".

The current Whisky Bible 2005 - with over 2,750 whiskies tasted, evaluated and rated - is all but sold out. Jim is hard at work on the the 2006 (3rd edition) - with even more tasting notes to be added (with the hope of a greatly enhanced Canadian Whisky section)... It is due out in the fall. It is a portable reference and a great tool. Jim notes new additions each year with a symbol - summarizes his scores and balances his point system by assigning scoring for - Nose - Taste - Finish - and Balance - each out of 25 to accumulate to a score out of 100.

There were two books published in 1997 with overlapping text - the book you mentioned:

The Complete Guide to Whiskey: A Guide to the World's Best Scotch Malts, Irish Whiskeys, & Bourbons (softcover - and a similar size to the Whisky Bible)


Jim Murray's Complete Book of Whisky: The definitive guide to the whiskies of the world - in Hardcover (a coffee table sized book with the addition of great photography). This was one of my first whisky books and a favourite...

As you noted, Jim has a talent for writing, a gifted nose & palate and a passion for Whiskies of the World.

I own all three books and endorse them highly.

Cheers, Dave.

P.S. - in the interest of full disclosure: The West Coast Whisky Society is assisting in arranging for Jim to do a Western Canada tour (Tasting Events in Victoria - with the Victoria Single Malt Club and The Strath - Wine & Spirits, Calgary - with Willow Park Wine & Spirits & Vancouver) in May. While I have not personally met Jim yet - I was such a fan from the first book I contacted him last fall to order the Whisky Bible 2005... and have since been involved in organizing this tour. So - you can call me biased or you can call me a fan... I just consider myself a whisky nut... :wink:

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