New Islay-Shape-Calender 2013 - a real eyecatcher

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New Islay-Shape-Calender 2013 - a real eyecatcher

Postby peat-chaser » Sun Jul 29, 2012 4:11 pm

Dear friends,

last year our Rudi and Alba-Collection published a destillerymap of scotland as I told you, now they´ve 2 new goodies for the malt-afficionados:

1. An Islay-Shape-Calender limitied to 399 pieces which may be personalized in 3 details.
- free choice of number 1 - 399 (if available)
- your own Logo on the frontpage
- your own picture on the frontpage

2. A destillierymap of the isle of Islay in postersize DIN A2 showing the 8 active stills, Port Ellen Maltings and 19 lost destilleries

The website of Alba-Collection is now in german and english language, so don´t hestitate, have a look and if willing drop them a line, they are able to answer.

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