Want a really good map of the scottish distilleries???

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Want a really good map of the scottish distilleries???

Postby peat-chaser » Sun Nov 13, 2011 1:36 am

Hi all,

if you´re looking for a really good map of the distilleries of scotland have a look at the following email which my friend Rudi sent out to lots of whisky-related papers, websites, shops and whiskyclubs. Well the map was actually publishes yesterday, but you shouldn´t be able to find a better one, but judge yourself .........


Dear Friends of Single Malt Whiskies,

we would like to draw your attention to our new map of Scotland's Distilleries which will be published very soon. The map comes with a booklet that lists all Scottish distilleries from past to present and gives interesting details on them. We also have a new website - http://www.alba-collection.de - where you can view and order the new map.

1. Scotland's Distilleries (Map & Booklet)

After over three years of intensive research and a series of digital pre-prints, the new map of Scotland's distilleries will be for sale in well assorted whisky shops, in bookstores (ISBN 978-3-936443-08-0) and at our new website (http://www.alba-collection.de/produkte/destillerien-karte-70x100/).

I think that "Scotland's Distilleries" is the most beautiful, most elaborate, most comprehensive, and most current map of its kind at present. If you think I'm wrong, please send an email to hirst@alba-collection.de.

Here are some facts on the new map of Scotland's Distilleries:
- Width: 70 cm, Height: 100 cm
- High-End Printing. We use 3 different printing techniques for producing the map:
160 hybrid raster printing, special colour Copper (Metal FX), drip-off varnishing (the map is matt, but the distilleries and Copper components have a glossy finish).
- 234 distilleries in 5 categories (Malt, Lost Malt, Grain, Lost Grain, and several new distilleries in planning or under construction).
- A booklet with 6 pages in A5 format that lists all distilleries and some additional information.
- For protective transportation the map is rolled into a PVC tube which is repacked into a cardboard box.
- The map will be for sale in well assorted whisky shops, in bookstores (ISBN 978-3-936443-08-0) and at our new website (http://www.alba-collection.de/produkte/ ... te-70x100/) for 14.95 Euros (plus costs for shipping).

The Alba Collection is a project of the publishing house Rittel of Hamburg, Germany, that consists mainly of whisky enthusiasts: we also have other whisky enthusiasts in mind.
We are aware of the fact that the costs for shipping are quite high, so please club together and make an omnibus order.

How does it work?
1.) Enter your order in the shop.
2.) Go to the cashier.
3.) Make sure you entered correct addresses for delivery and billing.
4.) You will receive a confirmation of your order from alba-collection.de.
5.) You pay your bill after receiving the maps.

If you don't trust the shop, you can send your orders directly to info@alba-collection.de.

If you have any further wishes, ideas, or criticism please write to info@alba-collection.de. We are looking forward to your feedback!

2. The Big-Book of Scotland wins the German "Druck&Medien Award 2011"

With due modesty, I am pleased to inform you that my illustrated book of Scotland won the prize in the category "Digitaldrucker des Jahres" (Digital Printer of the Year) for my employer ColorPress Digitaldruck GmbH.

The "Druck&Medien Award" is something like the Oscar of the German printing industry.

You can take a look at the book at http://2011.druckawards.de/die-awards/d ... ahres.html

If you haven't seen the book yet, here are a few facts on it:

Format: 46.5 cm x 66 cm (closed), 46.5 cm x 132 cm (opened). Several panorama pages at 46,4 cm x 254 cm.
Number of Pages: 212
Cover: Real Leather
Binding: Stitched by hand
Weight: 6 kg
Circulation: limited to 3
Price: you probably don't want to know...

I'm presently working on the 4th edition of the Big Book, and will use a lot of the material from my journey to Scotland last year: There will be new panoramic pictures with dimensions up to 46.5 cm x 504 cm. The publishing date is set to mid-December 2011.

Best regards,

Rüdiger Jörg Hirst

Meldorfer Straße 11b
20251 Hamburg

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Re: Want a really good map of the scottish distilleries???

Postby JMW » Wed Nov 16, 2011 5:01 pm

This is a great looking map and it's a nice change to see one that includes historic lost distilleries such as Devanha, Man O'Hoy etc. Good work.

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Re: Want a really good map of the scottish distilleries???

Postby fwrightson » Sun Jan 01, 2012 12:31 am

This what I bought.
The Malt Whisky Map of Scotland
A full-color relief map of Scotland's whisky landscape with regional tasting notes, distillery profiles and an index of lost distilleries.

This is a simple, folded map (like your typical road map). It's as basic as they get but it's the answer to the need.

I've also recently ordered (awaiting delivery from Germany) Scotland's Distilleries from the Alba Collection (mentioned above). It looks as if it is a very beautiful, as well as informative, book. I'm looking forward to its arrival (I was told that I was first in the US to order it).

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