Ledaig on offer

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Ledaig on offer

Postby BruceCrichton » Sun May 18, 2003 7:40 pm

I was in Ada's and I noticed that Ledaig 15 yr old was going for £14.

I was very tempted but I've never had Ledaig and I'm wary because Tobermory is awful whisky.

Has anyone ever had 15 yr old Ledaig? What did they think of it?

If David Stirk is reading this, have you had it as I know Ledaig was in one of your talk and taste sessions in Dufftown.

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Postby hpulley » Mon May 19, 2003 3:03 pm

I love Ledaig 15yo. It has a wonderful peaty, smoky, tea-leaf nose, a spicy, peaty body and a long, hot, spicy finish. I definitely put it up there with good coastal/island whiskies like Talisker and Springbank. For that price, I'd say you have a winner. It is expensive here ($90 CND!) but I still think it is worth it for that price.


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Postby Gate » Tue May 20, 2003 12:17 pm

I couldn't vouch for the 15 y.o. Ledaig, but I like the no-age-stated version - kind of Jura crossed with Talisker. It's much better than Tobermory.

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