World-wide whiskies

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World-wide whiskies

Postby septimuswigley » Fri Apr 25, 2003 9:58 pm

I'm hosting a tasting this Sunday (27th April) (for 50 people!) and to make things a little different I'm focusing on a comparison of whiskies around the world. I couldn't find Indian or Pakistani for love nor money, so I'm bulking it out with a blend and two different malts. Here's the line up:
Canadian Club
Suntory Yamazaki 12yo
Lammerlaw 10yo
Balvenie Doublewood 12yo
Woodford Reserve Bourbon
Ardbeg 17yo

I've got loads of info on all the whiskies apart from Lammerlaw and the Suntory - it's near as dammit impossible to find tasting notes, let alone background info. Can anybody help out? I know it's late notice but I'd appreciate any opinions and useful factettes to give to my audience.


Benn Bowers

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Postby Rudy » Sat Apr 26, 2003 10:30 pm

Hello Ben,

hope I'm on time:

Lammerlaw 10y:

Michael Jackson Malt Whisky Companion 2000 edition:
[rem: no age statement] 43 vol: sunny-gold; light, clean peat, grass, and apricot in the aroma; firm maltiness; warm finish, with peat returning. Score 70.'

Robin Tucek and John Lamond, the Malt Whisky File
10y 43%: Colour: Pale amber with gold highlights Nose: Fresh, clean, medium-bodied and medium-dry with a hint of rich liquorice, a slightly green touch and a floral note. Flavour: medium sweet and smooth with good body, a touch of liquorice, very gentle smokiness and quite a lush texture. Finish: Long and clean with a note of fennel on the tail.

Suntory Yamazaki 12y:
Michael Jackson Malt Whisky Companion 2000 edition:
43 vol: 'full gold to bronze; appetizing grassiness in the aroma and the palate, gently balancing the malty sweetness all the way to a dryish, warming finish. Score 77.'

Robin Tucek and John Lamond, the Malt Whisky File:
12y 43%: Colour: Pale amber with gold highlights. Nose: medium-sweeet, of medium weight with good richness, a touch of toffee and tablet with a hint of apples and rich liquorice. Flavour: dry, of medium weight medium peatiness and a tea character. Finish: Very dry, with really quite a dry tannic dryness, quite delicate, but short.

Have fun,


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Postby Rudy » Sat Apr 26, 2003 10:44 pm

Sorry, saw later you also wanted background info:

[from Robin Tucek & John Lamond]

Built at the foot of Mount Tennou near Osaka in 1923 by Shinjiro Torii, founder of Suntory. The water supply in this area is famed for its purity. There are 12 stills producing a wide range of styles of whisky; direct-fired gas heating is used, as is steam heating. Owned by Suntory.

In 1968, Wilson's, a subsidiary of Seagram, opened a distillery on the site of the old Willowbank distillery in Dunedin. The distillery has only one pot still which is used for both stages of the distillation. The whisky produced is sold as Lammerlaw, taking its name from the hills, the Lammerlaw Ranges, from the distillery's water supply Deep Creek, runs through peat and moss.

BTW, Ben, there are lots of books on (single malt) whisky. Lots of them are recommendable, some are less. I suggest you should buy at least the 2 books I quoted from, since these authors deliver exactly what you're looking for, isn't it? Image

Have fun,


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