version 1.0 of free Whisky Tasting Notes program is availabl

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version 1.0 of free Whisky Tasting Notes program is availabl

Postby Jeroen Kloppenburg » Fri Mar 28, 2003 4:53 pm

Hey all,

Version 1.0 of the free to download and use Whisky Tasting Notes program is released. This new version has a lot of bug fixes and interesting new features including:

- Fields and buttons who are unavailable at that moment will be disabled. So for instance when you havent gotten any Notes selected in the listview, you can not use "Delete Selected" button.
- A "copy to clipboard" function is added. You can now easily copy a note to the Windows clipboard after which you can paste it in a email, or on a forum for example.
- A extension (.data) will now be added automatically to the database on saving (and you havent supplied the name with one).
- A Color bar with radio-buttons is added so you can select the closest resembling color on the bar. On printing the color will be represented with a number, in the format XX/26.
- Readme is in HTML format, allows linking in the page, nicer formatting, images, and the program itself will be reachable still with this file open.
- Swedish language added.
- A whole bunch of minor fixes and additions.

Current users of any older version are strongly advised to upgrade to this version, since this version also fixes a serious bug that could remove entries from your database (a big oops!).

A screenshot of the program can be seen here:
The program itself can be found and downloaded for free from:


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