regarding black douglas scotch whiskey

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regarding black douglas scotch whiskey

Postby Tel » Sat Dec 28, 2002 3:06 am

Afternoon all,
I am curious about 'The Black Douglas 100% Scotch Whiskey'. From the research I have done , which has not been that extensive, Black Douglas hardly rates a mention.
Is this because it is not considered a good scotch whiskey?
I have a 1125ml, bottle of (and I am typing what is on the label).... 'The Black Douglas deluxe 100% Scotch Whiskey....aged and blended in scotland'. Now I may be ignorant but I have always been under the impression that Black Douglas is a very good scotch.
So now the background is covered a couple of questions.
I have also thought that Black Douglas is aged 8- 12 years prior to bottling, is that correct as nothing is mentioned on this bottle?
Next is, if the above is correct the date stamped on the bottle is 01/98...which would then leave me to assume that this whiskey is now between 12- 16 years of age. So my question, is there an expiration date as such on this or does Black Douglas age well.
My reasons for asking these questions are that I am wanting to keep a bottle of whiskey to have a drink with my future son ( at the moment I am just practising )upon his turning 18 years of age. This was something that my departed father did with me ( 21 year old scotch and bourbon unopened and an 18 year old scotch sampled along the way)and something I felt very significant.
If you can propose a more preferential scotch whiskey that would also be appreciated.
Any comments opinions and advice would be very much welcome and appreciated

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Postby blackkeno » Sat Dec 28, 2002 7:34 am

I am unfamiliar with Black Douglas, but I can tell you that whisky is not considered to age once it is removed from the cask and that a well sealed bottle kept upright in a dark cool place should easily last until the appropriate time.

I would probably try to pick up one of the few Springbank 21s still floating around for such a momentous occasion.

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Postby Admiral » Thu Jan 09, 2003 3:44 am

Black Douglas is very popular here in Australia and it is available at practically every liquor outlet.

As popular as it is, most people know that it is a cheap blend, and in terms of quality or aging, it is nothing to get excited about.

To put it in perspective for you, a standard 700ml bottle of Black Douglas costs about $24 (Australian Dollars). By comparison, Johnnie Walker Red costs $27, and Johnnie Walker Black costs $39. The standard Glenfiddich (the "Special Reserve", which is now a 12 year old) sells for about $50, and Glenlivet 12yo sells for about $55.

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