ILeach single malt Islay

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ILeach single malt Islay

Postby Jeroen Kloppenburg » Sat Dec 14, 2002 2:00 pm

Hey all,
On the Whisky Festival in The Hague this year I had the chance to taste a Islay SIngle Malt called ILeach, which is for sale in the big chain Gall&Gall here in holland for 25 Euro's.

It's magnificent! It have a taste very mucht like a old dutch candy for kids called "zoethout" (a root which has been sweetened).

Anyone has any idea to what distillery ths comes from? It was very unlike any other single malts I tasted from Islay, so I have a hard time guessing which distilleries are involved. Altho the first idea is that it very much likely is a south coast malt.

And idea's welcomed Image

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Postby Nikwik » Sat Dec 14, 2002 3:11 pm

Rumour has is that it´s an 8 year old from a distillery which is considered to make a classic malt...

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Postby Deactivated Member » Sat Dec 14, 2002 4:03 pm


They never tell you the exact answer, but it is one of the Six Classic Malts, at the age of 5Y old. This particular distillery never sells anything above that age, because they get their casks returned straight away, after when the whisky is bottled(one of the company rules, made by the producing company). In the other hand at that same age of 5Y old, their's another distillery wich is comming quite close to the same taste of the Ileach, it happens to be a sister distillery. So either way it stays a little mysterious, but my best guess is the one of the Six classic Malts....


Jeroen Kloppenburg
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Postby Jeroen Kloppenburg » Sat Dec 14, 2002 5:19 pm



Islay, classic malt, not above a certain age..

Just say its Lagavullin then Image

But now its been named at that, it makes sense completely. I love this cheapo malt, its defenitally one of my favourites right now. Good after-dinner malt.

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