If you won a million £ or $...

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If you won a million £ or $...

Postby r0b » Mon Dec 09, 2002 11:26 pm

... what whiskies would you buy? I am sure everyone here has seen or read about a particular hard-to-get and very expensive malt that for money reasons were, albeit reluctantly, decided against.

happy holidays everyone! Image

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Postby Ileach » Tue Dec 10, 2002 7:55 am

Right, one million £ may not be enough, but if it was ten or so I would buy Port Ellen Distillery, get some stills and get that spirit running again :-)


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Postby Ize » Tue Dec 10, 2002 9:39 am

Ileach, I wish sincerely you to win the money to buy Port Ellen! And I'm not kidding here, because if I would won the money, I think I wouldn't buy distillery and there wouldn't be Port Ellen in the future. I'll keep my thumps up for you Ileach.

Right, what I would do with a million €. I would buy though some Port Ellen bottlings no doubt about that. I would buy some Black Bowmores and several old Lagavulins and Laphroaigs too. Also old Springbanks would be interesting. From new upcoming products, I would buy all new Bruichladdich versions in different cask impressions. Hmm, I would have to buy all impressions double and the first ones I would get bottled in 10-15 years and for others I would have to wait 20+ years. Image

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Postby JUERG GLUTZ-KURMANN » Tue Dec 10, 2002 11:27 am

Hi everyone,

Surely I would buy Kinclaith and Killyloch. And probably the Millennium edition of Springbank. There are also nice and expensive Glenfarclas with labels of Scottish heroes. Ileach's idea of buying Port Ellen is but very interesting. Everybody wants Port Ellen back, hey...certain people of the big business have to think about it.


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