Micro Distilleries

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John Clotworthy
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Micro Distilleries

Postby John Clotworthy » Sun Nov 03, 2002 4:05 pm

I have recently read an article regarding micro distilleries. It seems to be big in the USA but cannot find anything in the UK. Does anyone know of anything or anyone that can help me?
Slainthe John.

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Postby lexkraai » Mon Nov 04, 2002 12:09 pm

Hi John

As you say, this recent wave of micro-distilleries is very much an American thing, although there are comparable things happening in Germany, Switzerland and Austria (with comparable I mean small distilleries making a range of spirits, including whisky).

For as far as Britain is concerned, I'm not aware of anything like it, although there are of course plans for several small-scale whisky distilleries in Scotland and Ireland (Ladybank and Coola Mills, respectively).

Cheers, Lex

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