Chewable Malts

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Chewable Malts

Postby John Clotworthy » Sun Oct 13, 2002 2:31 pm

Am I off my head? I hear you say but the proof of the pudding as they say. Yes there is chewable drams out there, Non chillfitered malts open up a new life when chewed, let me explain:- The chillfilter process is the last filtration the spirit goes through before it is bottled, It is like a refridgeration unit with paper filters as the spirit is brought down to 4 degrees ( somone correct me if I am wrong ) the fats, proteins and resins from the wooden cask solidify and are held back with the paper filters. If you have a non chllfiltered whisky the above are still in the glass.
Now it is time to open your bottle eg. Ardbeg 10 yo, Aberlour Abunagh or any cask strength, pour it in your glass, add 2 drops of water to num down the alcoholic vapours, and taste. After your initial taste try another mouthfull, chew it or as we say in the Scottish Highlands skoosh it round your mouth like a mouthwash, after a little while swallow and be amazed at the mouthfeel as the fats, protiens and resins from the cask
solidify in your mouth. Anyway that has just put me in the mood to reach up for another, just for scientific reasons of course!
Slainthe John

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