Whisky trading/auctions

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Whisky trading/auctions

Postby Ize » Thu Oct 10, 2002 9:40 am

Greetings friends of whiskies,

I'm looking for a good list of different places in the Net where whisky is sold and bought. I know, that there have been few links posted into this bulletin board but I'm looking for wider list of sites. One another thing, is there any site that where you can leave buying offer when there isn't such a bottle on sale that you are looking for? I'm getting more and more interested Lagavulins that would be bottled before 1999 and some special bottlings like italian Moon Import 50% stuff from mid-90's. Hmm, this makes me wonder, how high those prices might get. On the other hand, you could think that those wouldn't be that expensive since bottle age is well under 10 years, but is that the case. Another thing is, that how well unopened bottles remain when stored decently.


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