Bunnahabhain 12 Yrs

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Bunnahabhain 12 Yrs

Postby r0b » Fri Aug 23, 2002 8:31 pm

Greetings fellow whiskylovers.

I heard a rumour the other day that said that the 12 year-old Bunnahabhain consists of a rather large amount of 18-year-old. This is due to the lack of stock.

Can anybody confirm or refute this?


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Postby Deactivated Member » Mon Aug 26, 2002 3:35 pm

Hi rOB,

I'm not sure to confirm this or not, what you quoted here, but as far as I know is that Bunnahabhain 12Y old, has at least 12Y old in it, otherwise the distillery is not allowed to state that on a bottle, but however it could contain some older malts from Bunnahabhain, and yes it might contain some 18Y old, but it depends on what the blender wants to achieve. I think that the regular Bunny 12Y old is still an enjoyable dram, and look out for their vintages(Bunnahabhain 1963, 1965, 1966, and 1968{Hogmanay Edition}) .......



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