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Postby Maggie » Tue May 21, 2002 8:08 pm

Could you please tell me what dinners go best with Whisky? You should drink whisky when eating ________ food.

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Postby hpulley » Fri May 24, 2002 11:42 am

I find that only mild whiskies, like lowlands and lighter highlands, go WITH dinner. In general I find whiskies make better apertifs and after-dinner drinks.

When I am drinking and eating, I find salads and fish go best with whisky. Cheeses too.


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Postby BruceCrichton » Fri May 24, 2002 11:06 pm

Peaty and smoky whiskies such as Talisker and Ardbeg go well to wash down a steak dinner.

I sometimes have a dram when I'm not driving to a bar lunch rendezvous but I'm not that discerning about which whisky goes with which food.

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