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Postby lexkraai » Tue Dec 12, 2000 5:53 pm

There have been 'tales' going around for a while that Loch Lomond distillery has plans for bottling their most peaty malt, 'Croftengea' as a single.

Any idea whether this is actually going to happen in the near future?

Cheers, Lex

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Postby St.Peat » Mon Apr 01, 2002 6:57 am

Like Lex, this is a curious question for me.

Any further news?

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Postby Ize » Tue Apr 02, 2002 7:07 am

Heh, you woke my interest, because weird thing is that in many places Croftengea is mentioned to be single malt. Which is misleading, right?


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