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Postby lexkraai » Thu Feb 28, 2002 11:08 pm

I bid you a good, and especially warm night. As the morning sun rises with the colour of the finest whisky, I'm sure your gloomy mood will lift and you'll start the day eager to debate the water of life again!

Where the debate will lead us ... who knows, but as they say in my Czech homeland: "Dabre Dravce"!

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Postby Iain » Tue Mar 05, 2002 8:50 pm

Oh Alfred, Alfred. Such a long memory but so selective...

Do you remember? "For the purposes of our argument we shall divide the distilleries of Scotland into six classes: Islay, Glenlivet, North country, Campbeltown, Lowland Malt, and Grain."

And Lagavulin? In the same publication, you describe it as "one of the few HIGHLAND whiskies that can be drunk alone".

An Islay whisky that is a Highland? You must surely confess - you never did quite come to grips with the classification of whiskies!

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for maltsters only !

Postby Ileach » Tue Mar 26, 2002 7:52 am

On a recent visit to a Speyside distillery (I believe it was Glendronach)I saw a little wooden box (c. 20x15x15 cm) next to the malt mill. It contained two or three sieves on top of each other used for separating the different parts of the ground malt (husk, flour).

Does anyone out there know

1) what this item is called?

2) whether they are still in use?

3) where I can get hold of one of these?

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