Unfiltered single malts.

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Unfiltered single malts.

Postby n023y » Mon Nov 12, 2001 8:51 pm

I have been reading a number of articles about unfiltered single malts and the extra depth of flavour that these retain over traditional filtered malts.

Does anyone have any experiences they would like to share regarding tastings?
Also what about availability in the United States?

Thanks :-)

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Postby blackkeno » Sat Nov 17, 2001 8:36 pm

I'm sure your reading included a number of distillery bottlings that are not chill filtered including Springbank (& Longrow), Ardbeg 10yo, Aberlour a'bunadh, etc. These are wonderful malts generally available in the US. There are also a number of independent bottlers which don't chill filter. Availability is rather inconsitent by state. If you can ship to your state both the Wine & Liquor Depot in California and Town Wine & Spirit in Rhode Island would be worth a phone call. You can also join the Scotch Malt Wiskey Society whose bottlings are all non-chill filtered.

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Postby BruceCrichton » Sat Nov 24, 2001 6:14 am

For unchilfiltered stuff, try checking out Fiona Murdoch's Dufftown whisky shop at the www.dufftown.co.uk site.

She definitely ships to America and has a large stock of independently bottled stuff which is unchilfiltered.

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Postby Opi » Sun Nov 25, 2001 10:08 pm

Okay un-chillfiltered is better. But do you know the raw cask whisky-range from Blackadder (Robin Tucek). It´s in cask strength and un-filtered (it means you will have fragments of the charcoaled cask still in the whisky because Blackadder directly bottles the single malts) and of course without colouring.
I had the luck to taste Ben Nevis Raw Cask at 61,3%abv (I don´t remember the age) and I was strongly impressed. You can contact Mr Tucek at www.rawcask.com for details belonging to your next Blackadder retailer.
In magazine no. 15 is an interesting article about Blackadder.

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Postby Wee Mark » Mon Dec 10, 2001 6:28 pm

unchilfiltering makes a huge difference I experienced this first hand working in the bar of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society for the past year, I "feel" the biggest influence is in the mouth feel which is just far moreish. Since everyone else in here is offering links i suggest you check out smws.com and my new work which has a large selection of un-chilfiltered whiskies Royalmilewhiskies.com

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