JW Green label

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JW Green label

Postby Steve » Thu Nov 15, 2001 10:01 pm

I have a bottle of 12 yr old Green Label Johnnie Walker pure malt blend, which was given to me. I have never seen it before or since and JW's site doesn't list it. Does anyone have any info about this? Is it one to savour (I have yet to open it) or what?

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Postby SpeedyJohn » Fri Nov 16, 2001 2:03 pm

To the best of my knowledge, the JW Pure Malt (Green Label) is available only at Duty Free shops. Are you sure it's 12yo? I thought the Green Label was 15yo. That's all I can contribute as I have never tasted it, but I've heard it's a decent dram.


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Postby jonno » Fri Nov 16, 2001 9:41 pm

Steve, I have seen Johnnie Walker Pure Malt in Duty Free recently and it is definitely now a 15 year old. And I believe a Travel Retail Exclusive! Does your bottle have any markings, such as volume or alcoholic strength that looks abnormal or any wording on the label to suggest it was bottled for an export market. If it is 12 years old it might be worth further enquiries to Johnnie Walker themselves, unless it has been re-packaged recently as Bowmore was when it moved from 10 to 12 years old as standard (about 1995). Anyhow the 15 year old is very nice....


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Postby Steve » Sat Nov 17, 2001 12:27 pm

You're right - it's a fifteen year old - sorry about that.....

Thanks for replying!


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Postby BruceCrichton » Sat Nov 24, 2001 6:30 am

JW Green is a 15 year old vatted malt. It'll cost you about £45 from a specialist shop in Britain.

If you have it duty free, well done.

I've tasted it. It's very smooth, medium bodied, fairly fruity and and very nice.

I'm sorry I can't describe it in more detail but it was a while ago when I had it.

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