Bruichladdich shifts 2 ppm > 10 & 40 ppm

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Bruichladdich shifts 2 ppm > 10 & 40 ppm

Postby Herman » Tue Oct 23, 2001 11:41 am

Does anyone know what could be a reason for Bruichladdich to change their malting recipe.
Their maltings used to be 2 ppm phenol and have now moved to 10 ppm phenol for the standard Bruichladdich to 40 ppm for their port Charlotte destilate. Does anyone know if this is done out of marketing reasons; since the market for "smoky" whiskies is bigger?
Next to this I would like to discuss if this new move has a potential?

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Postby SpeedyJohn » Tue Oct 23, 2001 12:51 pm


I'm sure marketing had a big part in the decision. Islay whisky fans long for that big, peaty blast. My guess is that in 10 to 12 years when Laddie releases the first bottlings from the new distillations, there will be greater interest in the more heavily peated Port Charlotte than in the milder Bruichladdich. It would be interesting to see how many casks of each type have been purchased through their cask offer.

And, as with their recommendation of bottling at 46%, the new peating levels are, in part, a matter of their personal taste preferences.


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