Down the road?!

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Down the road?!

Postby rainerduesmann » Mon Jul 02, 2001 4:50 pm

Whats on in the industrie? I bought a few well known bottles and the stuff inside tastes bad! For example there was a 12 year The Macallan I´m sure Michael Jackson would give under 70 Points because of its dull and unpleasing art. Only woody and nothing of the years known typical currant! The cork was O.K. The same with a 12 year Bowmore. Oak woody and unsmooth! Nearly no heath no seaweed! The cork was also O.K. Some dealer in Germany told me that the industrie pull the quality levels down for quantity?! What are your experiences and what can we do? I think Whisky mag has something to do. Whats with atasting from standart bottels. A case for Jim and Michael.

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