Old wiskey bottle still sealed

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Old wiskey bottle still sealed

Postby MEDIC » Wed Feb 22, 2017 9:13 pm

Hi guys I have a question regards to a whiskey bottle that I found that is still sealed it is a red cask with the seal still intact labeled beams Ruby glass decanter Marked James B Beam distilling the label on it says that it's 10 years old I found out that the bottle was produced in 1972 two questions can anybody give me an idea of you value of what something like this would bring as well as would this be of any interest on a seller's market for somebody that collects antique bottles and or drinks very fine very old whiskey please send replyies to medic02002@yahoo.com I do not drink so I would be interested in possibly partying with it if need be if the price is right and somebody can give me a real world value as to what this is actually worth thank you

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