Penderyn 2005

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Penderyn 2005

Postby tvrstu » Sat Jan 21, 2017 12:07 pm

Hi everyone, just joined and I have a question......

I have a set of the Penderyn Grand Slam whisky (2005,2008 &2012), a commemorative Penderyn "Parc y Scarlets" gift set limited to 1000 and a bottle of Amberleigh House Grand National winner 2004 which I am looking to sell. The problem is I put them on ebay but they took them down because they now have a blanket ban on alcohol (even though someone sold a bottle of Amberleigh House in December???)
So can you suggest where I can sell these bottles without having to send them to an auction house?
I haven't seen/ can't find a bottle of the 2005 Penderyn for sale for years and I can't even find any info on the Scarlets set at all so have no real idea of value and wouldn't like for them to be sold at an auction for virtually nothing!
Thanks for any help.

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