Glendronach 12

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Glendronach 12

Postby terrymccollough » Fri Dec 30, 2016 11:06 am

Hello All,

I am new to whisky tasting and appreciate any help/direction you guys/gals can point me in.

A question about Glendronach. I have recently come across some bottle s of Glendronach 12 yr. From Glendronach's website the small upper label is red where as the ones I have are tan/beige and the ABV is 43 whereas the ones I have are 40 ABV. I am having trouble finding when this label/strength change was made and if there is any way to determine when the whisky was bottled. I do not see any date on the bottle or labels as such. I have read/heard somewhere that they made the ABV and label change in the recent past but maybe they have changed again and their website is not up to date. Any help/history explanation would be appreciated. I remember having tried Glendronach 12 way back in 1999/2000 and then again in 2005/6 but did not pay attention to these kinds of details but recalled I enjoyed it and hope to discover more now. (I have not opened one as of yet)

All the Best,

Terry McCollough

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