Storing a taster long term?

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Storing a taster long term?

Postby stevan » Mon Oct 17, 2016 1:29 pm

Hi all,

I'm pretty new to drinking whisky and I'm still trying to find "my drink". At the moment I know I prefer American whisky so I'm going through trying the different brands. Normally just buying a bottle of something with a good reputation and finishing it.

What I'd like to do is keep a little bit (50-100ml) as a reminder, perhaps for a few months/ years, so I can go back and compare them.

I was thinking as soon as I open original bottle, pour it straight into a minute bottle (such as this: ... ref=plSrch ). Then refrigerating until needed.

Would this work, or would the flavour change too much over time? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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