Need a present for my friend!

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Need a present for my friend!

Postby IceLitvinov » Sun Apr 03, 2016 8:30 pm

Looking for a gift for my friend, he happens to be a whisky connoisseur. Any ideas? Alcohol is not an option, too boring plus he has a well stocked bar already. I was thinking something along the line of decanters or whisky glasses.

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Re: Need a present for my friend!

Postby Muskrat Portage » Mon Apr 04, 2016 4:16 am

I would recommend the Glencairn glass myself. You can also go into a glass shop and see if they have a similar glass with a watch glass or a lid to go on top. I own several of each kind and it's entertaining to watch people try to manipulate the watch glass after a couple of drams. I have a bent sense of humour.

Another option is to contact his favorite distillery online and see what glassware they have. Laphroaig has some pretty decent offerings, including a small one on a lanyard, excellent for going to Stramash or Whisky Live.

If you are in Atlantic Canada, there's Nova Scotia Crystal, (check it on the internet), which makes a wonderful whisky glass. I received as a couple as a gift one Christmas and is my "go to glass" for exceptional acquisitions. They also make decanters that match and I recall will ship their products out of country.

Hope this is of assistance.


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Re: Need a present for my friend!

Postby bailynicholjarvy » Mon Apr 04, 2016 7:24 am

I think whisky glasses would be a great choice. I would not go for a decanter, unless you are getting them a set for port and sherry too. Whisky decanter on its own probably will stay empty most of the time (as whisky decanting is mainly for looks). I have a pretty large collection of glassware, and actually started drinking whisky because I wanted to try my various glasses. In the glassware you don't have to buy large sets. Go for the character and quality. I love the old handmade glasses and actually prefer small antique ale glasses for my whisky. But you can find proper antique whisky tumblers too. Musky gave a good advice and I would just add - check out the classical British glass makers like Webb, Royal Doulton and Wedgwood, they all have superior quality cut crystal glasses. If you buy them new, be prepared to spend a pretty penny. If you go for old, only buy in good condition. You can hunt on eBay etc. Check proper antique dealers to see the range on offer. Look at - I buy often there as they get very decent prices and good choice (a set of tumblers or small ales would be under £60 + decanters stock). Also check auctions ( site is a big portal).
If you do decide to go for a decanter, I would say take a smaller size for whisky.
Hope this helps.

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