Bell's Hawaii Decanter - Salvageable?

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Bell's Hawaii Decanter - Salvageable?

Postby psweeting » Mon Apr 28, 2014 10:56 pm


I've recently entered the world of whisky and brandy collecting and one of the first items I have bought has arrived today in a much worse condition that it was advertised at. I'm not really complaining too much about that though as I bought it from Japan and it may well have become damaged during shipping.

The item in question is a Bell's Hawaii decanter that was sealed and boxed. Upon opening it today I could immediately smell whisky and the top of the lid had was actually loose with the seal still around it. The cork had become unstuck from it but was still in the decanter, although whisky could be seen around the edges of it.

I made the decision to open it up then and managed to get the cork out without any getting into the whisky but as soon as it was out, it split in half. I've poured the whisky through a tea strainer a few times and put it back into the decanter. I've sealed it as best I could with a wine stopper but how long can it survive now it's open?

Is it just a case of drinking it now? I did get another decanter with this auction that I can't identify though. I think it's a standard Bell's decanter but it comes with a label on the front saying it is 86 proof. I can't find any other mention of this bottle anywhere via the Internet and just wondered if anyone has seen one of these before? I've attached a few images to try and help.




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