Price for collection of whisky, vodka, gin

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Price for collection of whisky, vodka, gin

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Hi everyone,
I have a vintage collection of whisky, vodka, gin all bottels are factory sealed and ready for sell ...
I would appreciate if someone could tell me the price on each of these bottles:

1. 1956 - Seagram's Crown Royal "Fine de luxe" (contents 25 fluid ounces)
2. 1964 - Canadian Club C.C Whisky (botteled in Bond) (25OZ.)
3. 1966 - Seagram's Crown Royal "De luxe" (contents 25 fluid ounces, 710 ml)
4. 1969 - Walker's Special Old Canadian Rye Whisky ( 25OZ) - 2 bottels
5. Tanqueray "Special Dry Extra Sec" Distilled English Gin (40% Alc. 25OZ.) It does not have any dates of manufacture , but as far as I know it is probably 40 years old..I was told that each years has an especial stamp , and particularly this bottel has a kind of Greek on it.

6. 1977 - Black Velvet Canadian Whisky (in a a black container ) 25OZ.
7. Smirnoff Vodka around 40 years old...has a number K9253289 on an excise.

Thanks in advance.

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