Sediment in whisky

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Sediment in whisky

Postby Rogago » Mon Dec 31, 2012 5:08 am

Hey guys
So I have this JW Blue Label King George V bottle sitting in my bar for around 5 years and I decided that tomorrow would be a good day to finally open it (new year´s eve) but today I grabbed it to clean the dust out of it and I found a nasty surprise, there is some sediment at the very bottom and if you move it around a little it floats all over the place, the bottle is sealed just like new I don´t know why this happened, it´s not a lot of sediment but I don´t know if it will affect the taste or if it is even drinkable.
I´m kind of new to whiskies and I don´t know if maybe this is something normal?
I havn´t even opened it hoping that maybe there is some guarantee or something
Should I drink it?

I attached a picture of the bottom of the bottle

Thank You!
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Re: Sediment in whisky

Postby bredman » Tue Jan 01, 2013 7:46 am

Probably calcium oxalate crystals. Assumed to be completely harmless. A quote from the excellent and highly recommended Whisky: Technology, Production and Marketing (Handbook of Alcoholic Beverages) Edited by Inge Russell, Charles Bamforth, & Graham Stewart.

The second form is known as ‘irreversible floc’. This shows itself as very small, hair-like crystals of calcium oxalate, which slowly form and settle in the whisky when natural low mg/l concentrations of oxalic acid in the whisky react with similarly low concentrations of calcium ions. Oxalic acid may be determined by ion chromatography and calcium by flame atomic absorption spectrophotometry. Irreversible floc formation is eliminated by ensuring that final calcium concentrations are kept to a minimum by demineralizing the water used for final reduction.”

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