How can I learn to identify more aromas & tastes?

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How can I learn to identify more aromas & tastes?

Postby TAMMRL » Sat Nov 17, 2012 2:22 pm

I've had a lot of experience nosing and drinking Scottish single malts, including attending tutored tastings, and can identify obvious aromas but want to further develop my ability to identify the many aromas and tastes that single malts contain. I've built up a varied collection of single malts over the years and enjoy tasting and comparing them, on my own and with others, but I still can't identify many of the aromas and tastes identified in reviews in Whisky Magazine and books by the likes of Jim Murray and Michael Jackson. I've read relevant books e.g. Appreciating Whisky by Phillip Hills, which have helped, but I still feel I'm missing some of the depth and complexity in a dram of single malt. I'm not after being an 'expert' so I can impress people; I just love drinking the stuff and want to eke out every bit of pleasure there is to be had from doing so. Can anyone out there recommend any other books that will help with this, or any of the nosing and tasting kits that are advertised (or are these just gimmicks waiting to ensnare the gullible punter like me)? Or should I just accept that maybe I don't have the physical ability to spot the subtler aromas and tastes?

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