Bringing Whisky back to UK - Customs

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Bringing Whisky back to UK - Customs

Postby Dean_A » Mon Jul 09, 2012 2:25 am

First Hello All

I been reading forums for a while now, but never posted before, but could do with a little advice?

I'm currently on the last couple of Days of my Holiday in Japan, and have already picked up a 700ml Bottle and aware the customs limit is 1ltr.

So do I pick up another 500 / 700ml bottle and Chance or Declare it?

If I declare it at customs, do they pro-rata the duty's etc on your purchases, or would I end up having to pay on the whole lot?

Trying to work out if its worth it or whether just to order on-line when back in UK.

Hopefully thanks for any answers.

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