Has this ever happened to anyone..ripped foil, cork?

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Has this ever happened to anyone..ripped foil, cork?

Postby Jdiddy » Sat Jun 02, 2012 1:48 pm

So I just bought a few bottles of Glenfiddich Cask of Dreams from a retailer in the States. Both bottles were a bit dented (as many seem to be from shipping) but I bought anyways as this was a tough bottle to find.
Eack tin canister is sealed with tape and the tape was perfectly intact. However, when I opened, the bottle looked like none I have ever purchased. The foil wrap (as the top) was partially torn (where you normally tear the strip to open) and the cork was pushed a bit out. It looked like the foil was pushed under the cork a bit which caused it to make the cork lift slightly. As the canister tape was intact, leads me to believe it was a manufacturing fault. None leaked and I opened and consumed.

Has anyone else had this happen with any whisky? I doubt it could have been from the severe dent in the cannister as I see no way that could have impacted the foil. Or could it??

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Re: Has this ever happened to anyone..ripped foil, cork?

Postby bredman » Sat Jun 02, 2012 2:04 pm

It is possible that the cork has attempted to 'eject' itself. I've seen this happen, and we had a small discussion about this on another whisky forum. I forced a cork into an overfilled full sample bottle once and as the cork was too tight it compressed the air and then immediately popped itself out. When i sipped the level down a bit the cork remained, as there was more air in the bottle to compress. I have heard of this happening with new bottles too, perhaps the cork was too tight, so that some of the compressed air couldn't escape as the cork was forced into the bottle, over time it has begun to work itself free. Or perhaps not tight enough, so that when it warmed up and the air in the bottle expanded and the cork attempted to 'pop'.

Just a thought.

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Re: Has this ever happened to anyone..ripped foil, cork?

Postby AdamMY » Sun Jun 03, 2012 12:23 am

If it was shipped by airplane, especially in an un-pressurized cabin, or if it underwent dramatic temperature changes. Basically never underestimate the power of pressure differences. For instance in a 375ml bottle of port bought in Wine country in California, on a trip to Yosemite ( climbing in some mountains) the cork had gotten pushed half out of the bottle, and took the foil cap with it. Though most wines do not have tear away foil strips, I imagine if such a thing were to happen it would tea at the foil strip.

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