Good Bourbon or Whiskey?

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Good Bourbon or Whiskey?

Postby Ivan89 » Sat Oct 15, 2011 3:06 pm


I got quite problem and I am not "pro" with chossing good brands of whiskey or bourbon. Next year I have a graduate year and I would like buy some good bourbon for my dad, he helped me a lot with school and I know bottle of good drink is not enough to "say thanks for all" but just something, I wont come to him with empty hands.
This year my godfather came from USA ( I am from Slovakia) and he bring Dalmore 12y single malt. I was like it and my dad too, when I was drinking with my godfather some drinks, my dad was drinking only that whiskey. I wasnt surprised, because that whiskey had very awesome taste.

When I asked my godfather what whiskey or bourbon can I buy for my dad, because he knows my dad longer than me and he know everything about my dad, he said " get bottle which you dont buy everywhere". Thats truth because good whiskey or bourbon you dont buy everywhere.
At long last of searching I found one bottle of Bourbon called "Bulleit". But problem is I cant get it in our country, but Czech country they selling it so I havent problem get it there.
But still there is a question and very simply. Did you every drink Bulleit bourbon? Whats ur view on that bourbon. Last question : If you think you can chosse some better brand of bourbon or whiskey ( scotch or irish) what brand do you chosse?

Its all for my dad realy I would like give him something .. special.

Thanks and please answer soon.

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Re: Good Bourbon or Whiskey?

Postby bredman » Tue Oct 18, 2011 3:08 pm

Ivan, it may be beneficial to list the brands that are available in Slovakia (or in the Czech Rep.). Have you considered ordering something from the internet, like from these guys.

Dalmore is a Single Malt Scotch.

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