Glencarnie Whisk(ey)

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Glencarnie Whisk(ey)

Postby rnicholls84 » Wed Jun 08, 2011 10:43 pm

Found two bottles of this recently when clearing out my grandfathers drinks cupboard. On the bottle it describes it as Blended Whisk(ey). 40% abv and in a 70cl bottle, the only other markings are "produced under government supervision". Golden in colour, strong smell of caramel on the nose. Fragmented layers of taste, smoke, tobacco maybe coffee at the finish. On entry, the smoothness of the caramel but then the smoke evolves rapidly which develops in an almost coffee aftertaste, the smoke lingers long on the palate. Not a great variety of tastes and personally i don't like it but has anyone else come across this?

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