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Single Malt Wholesale Suppliers

Postby SPmalt » Thu Jan 13, 2011 3:27 pm

As I am new to this forum first of all I'd like to greet everyone here, both young and seasoned members - so, HELLO! I've been a huge fan of single malt scotch for many years, as probably all of you here :) and decided to turn my passion into business. I need help finding reliable whisky wholsalers/distributors in the EU, preferably in the north west part of Europe (Germany, the Netherlands, France, the UK etc), but this is not a must, who have a large in-stock selection of single malts and are able to deliver alcoholic goods from their tax or bonded warehouses to other EU countries with the so called Accompanying Administrative Document (AAD) - this is a must. The AAD is needed for the purpose of the excise duty clearing of the goods by the buyer. In other words, the delivery takes place without excise (alcohol) tax and the respective excise duty is paid by the receiver/buyer in their country. Any tips and clues would be highly apreciated. Thank you.

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