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Re: Ledaig OB/IB

Postby Lawrence » Wed Mar 17, 2010 5:20 am

lockejn wrote:I'm looking to purchase my first bottle of Ledaig. I usually try to start with an OB when sampling a new whisky, but people seem to have pretty strong feelings about the output of this distillery so I'm asking for advice.

Binny's carries these four bottlings in my price range:

Ledaig 10 OB 86% - $49.99
G&M 1994/12 92% - $54.99
G&M 1990/15 92% - $59.99
Signatory 1993/14 86% - $49.99

Anyone have any experience with / thoughts on any of these?

I'd start with the Ledaig OB and if you can find it the 10yo Tobermory (same distillery) and compare the two.

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