Name older bottlings that beat the *@%" out of todays'

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Name older bottlings that beat the *@%" out of todays'

Postby Deactivated Member » Thu Aug 03, 2006 8:42 am

This actually came to mind after the discussions regarding how some older bottlings (and I do here mean bottlings that came out in 1960's, 70's or early 80's - NOT whisky that was distilled then, and bottled now) beat the living £¤#@" out of currently available versions by a mile or more.

Could I kindly ask some of the more experienced members of this forum to name a few such bottlings that are by far superior to anything that is available today? Such a list would be worth its words in platinum to any collector with the intent of actually drinking his lot of bottlings, as he or indeed she could then put extra effort to finding such superb bottlings. Pricey as they may be, and rare, I am certain that some can be bought by some well-to-do individuals.

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Postby scoobypl » Tue Aug 08, 2006 1:40 pm

Just a couple that I have had the privilige to taste, and that are on top of my wish-list (in random order):

- Black Bowmore first edition 1964-1993, (50%, sherry, OB)
- Bowmore 'Anniversary' 1963-1993 (30yo, 50%, OB)
- Ardbeg 1967/1995 (53,7%, Signatory, C#575, Pale Oloroso)
- Glen Garioch 1971 (59.6%, Samaroli, 2280 bottles, sherry, 75cl, 1988?)
- Springbank 12yo 100 proof (57.1%, OB, Samaroli, early 80’s, 2400 bottles)
- Glen Garioch 21yo 1965/1986 (43%, OB)
- Bowmore 7yo (43%, OB, Sherriff, COGIS, 60’s)
- Highland Park 17yo ‘no vintage’ (43%, OB, James Grant green dumpy, 70’s)
- Tamdhu, 15yo, (43%, OB, half moon bottle, mid 70's)
- Laphroaig 1966-1995 (51,1%, Signatory, 70cl, Oak Cask, 33 bottles)
- Springbank 1980-1989 (62,6% Cadenhead's, Sherry, 70cl)

To name but a few.... :wink:
I my opinion, all of these can be used as an example to prove why whisky is heralded (by the whiskytrade most likely, but anyway :wink: ) as the most complex distilled drink in the world, and all of these go a long, long way in explaining why whisky has become the succes-story it is today.


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Postby peatjunkie » Thu Aug 17, 2006 12:37 pm

I can sadly confirm Scooby's list

These are all topnotch oldies never to return

Peatjunkie 8)

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Postby TheLiquorBaron » Mon Aug 21, 2006 10:32 pm

- Tamdhu, 15yo, (43%, OB, half moon bottle, mid 70's)

I have one of these in it's original box, and I would consider selling it for the right offer.
Please feel free to submit an offer...


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