pre 1908 johnnie "walker's x kilmarnock whisky please

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pre 1908 johnnie "walker's x kilmarnock whisky please

Postby sgrasty » Wed Jun 07, 2006 6:20 pm

Hello fORUM
I was wondering if you could help with a question. I found a bottle of whisky in the basement of my new house. The bottom of the bottle reads "Walker's x Kilmarnock with the numbers 2427...The shape is very similar to the typical johnny walker bottle but much heavier.
I know its from johnnie walker & sons pre 1908.(it was a time befor the color labels) The bottle is mint condition,sealed full of liquor with a cork and small lead embellishment on the cork,there is no label,the bottle seems to be dark green or black with small air bubbles in the glass,I was wondering if anyone could tell me anything like if the liquor is still good to drink or if its valuable un opened or perhaps you could lead me in the right direction to get a value and other info.
Thanks in advance

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