White Label Dewars - with Cork

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White Label Dewars - with Cork

Postby Malkirn » Sat Nov 05, 2016 1:11 pm


First post here, i am trying to find out any information in regards to the date of the bottle, I know it must be post 1953, as it says 'Her Majesty' as opposed to 'His'

I am aware it can't be sold on here, invariably, I will put into an auction. What sort of value does this piece command.



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Re: White Label Dewars - with Cork

Postby wchurst » Thu Nov 02, 2017 10:28 am


You might be right on the 'post-1953' dating, as Queen Elizabeth II gave Dewar's her Royal Warrant in Aug 1955.

However, on the "really rare" side of things, I note that you mentioned that this is "with Cork"...Nearly all of the 1955
and later bottles of Dewar's White Label were sealed with either a Spring-cap or Screw-cap: Did you mean that this
bottle has a "driven-cork", like you would find on a better bottle of wine ?!?

If so, could lead lead us well down the road of history quite a bit here with respects to your bottle...Dewar's did once
carry the Royal Warrant of Queen Victoria, though this was more than 100 years ago!

Walter C Hurst

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