whiskey from 1943 found in grandpas closet

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whiskey from 1943 found in grandpas closet

Postby mrgabrielsson » Mon May 19, 2003 5:32 am


My Grandfather in law recently passed away. When cleaning out his condo we found a number of liqourbottles in his closet.
We're now trying to get an idea of what these could be worth.

Here's a list of what we found. All bottles are in excellent condition and unopened. We also found a number of opened ones but I'm not listing them here since I suspect they're not worth anything, correct me if im wrong.
Here goes.........

Canadian Club whiskey, 1 bottle
Made by Hiram Walker & Sons ltd.
Bottled in 1964, 6 years old at the time.
Imported by Hiram Walker import CO. Detroit.

Chivas Regal, 1 bottle
12 years old when bottled.
We suspect this is from 1962 since it has a pound sign on the pricetag and we know grandpa made a trip to england that year.
Price at time of purchase 5.45 pounds

Ballentines finest blended whisky, 1 bottle
4/5 quart, 86 proof
Imported by "21" Brands Inc. N.Y.
Exact age unknown but apears to be from around 1960. IRS label reads 651212733

I.W. Harper, "Straight Bourbon Whiskey"
4 Bottles,All 4 are in their original boxes
Made in 1943, bottled in 1953 according to IRS label.

I.W. Harper, "The Gold Medal Whiskey"
4 bottles in original boxes, comes whith a class cork.
Made 1943, bottled 1953.

Old Granddad, Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, 1 bottle, 100 proof
Made 1964, bottled 1968
The Old Grandad Distiller CO
Still in original gift box

Any reply would be greatly appreciated.

Peter Gabrielsson

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Postby Lawrence » Sat May 24, 2003 12:17 am

Perhaps your best chance would be to do some research on ebay. Frequently old bottles of whisky appear and sell for some decent prices. None are sold for human comsumption (wink wink) but for collecting only. Good luck.

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