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Mac on Mac

Postby Iain » Sat Apr 26, 2003 9:11 pm

To quote Charles Maclean, writing at

"I had the pleasure of finding, out recently, thanks to The Macallan distillers, who had bought a bottle of their wonderful whisky at auction. It had been made in 1874 and bottled 1892.

When they got it back to the distillery, they couldn't resist drawing off a tiny sample with a syringe, to see what it was like. They were astonished and delighted to discover that it was in very good order and that it quite clearly had the character of The Macallan. In other words, in spite of all the technological changes that have taken place in making malt whisky, there has been very little change in the flavour of Macallan in 120 years."

Gosh - no wonder they were astonished Image

I wonder if Charles thought to ask how it could be that a Macallan allegedly distilled in 1878 and bottled in 1892 could have a flavour so similar to a modern Macallan, despite all the changes in distilling technology, equipment, raw materials and techniques over the past 120 years?

He doesn't mention the name of the bottler.

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