Glengoyne 1971 vintage

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Jeroen Kloppenburg
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Glengoyne 1971 vintage

Postby Jeroen Kloppenburg » Sun Aug 11, 2002 10:17 am

This July I went on vacation to Scotland to visit a lot of distilleries. I had the luck to bump on a 25 year 1971 Vintage cask strenght at the Glengoyne distillery, bottle 109/2100. As since it is my birthyear too I just couldnt left it to not buy it. Typically my luck, it was the very last bottle they had for sale at the distillery. (I had to really make clear I *really* wanted it! They rather kept it themself, came clear to me).

What would such a bottle be worth, now, and say in 25 years?

Getting a bit bitten by the collector's virus, I bought me a bottle of 1989 11yr Springbank, Signatory Unchillfiltered 225/345 as well a while ago. Are these Signatory bottlings any worth as a collectors item?

Thanks for helping out this starting whisky collector Image

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Postby Ileach » Mon Aug 12, 2002 10:33 am

All right, this may come from the department of the blindingly obvious but as with any collectors' item, a bottle of whisky is worth as much as a collector is willing to pay for it.

It obviously helps if the bottle is rare. As far as your Glengoyne 1971 is concerned, I wouldn't call 1 of 2100 rare - but, who knows? Maybe all the others will be opened and in 25 years's time, yours will be the only one left intact, worth a king's ransom.

A safe bet, if you're really wealthy, is to buy all, yes, all the bottles of a series.

And, yes, such collectors do exist.

If you're really into collecting whisky, try not to miss the collectors' column in WM.

Jeroen Kloppenburg
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Postby Jeroen Kloppenburg » Mon Aug 12, 2002 11:36 am

ILeach as in the ILeach on Islay? Been walking past your office in Bowmore a few weeks back Image

I understand your point on prices, I was merely wondering, since this bottle costed me roughly 150$ at the distillery already, so it's sure more then your average malt. SO I assume this is not your regular buy and drink malt, and more meant as a collectors item.
In that regard the Signatory might be more interesting to keep i guess, since its a much more limited bottling.

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Postby BigChas » Mon Aug 19, 2002 7:53 pm

first of all being a collecter of whiskey is fun till like has happened to me two weeks ago on the first day of my holiday to Islay you get burgled. during that act of thoughtless carnage thay either drank or contaminated all of my collection.

whiskey is the finest drink in the world drink it dont save it it wasnt left in the barell for it to stand in a bottle for people to look at.

Someone put their heart in to making it for you. do them the honour if drinking it and enjoying it.

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Chivas Regal

Postby rjohnston » Wed Aug 28, 2002 6:38 pm

Hello from Texas, USA! I am trying to find out how much my gallon bottle of Chivas Regal is worth. Never opened, original box, with hand pump. I have had it for 22 years. Any information appreciated!

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