Wanted! Black Bowmore Final - Just the box!!

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Wanted! Black Bowmore Final - Just the box!!

Postby robsheldon » Tue Nov 01, 2005 10:35 pm

How stupid am I?

I have a bottle of BB final edition. Whilst transporting the thing along with the rest of my collection up to islay for safe keeping I managed to lose the little badge of the front of the box that simply says "final edition"
If anyone has a box they would be willing to sell, or even just the badge I would pay decent money!

Let me know!!

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an understander

Postby Foamy » Tue May 02, 2006 4:06 pm


I understand your problem.
the little plates are attached with very weak glue I suppose.
I had almost the same. transported the bottle.
lost the plate.
cursed myself to hell but found the plate again when I cleaned my car.
It almost dissapeared in my vacume cleaner.
I re-attached the little plate with some woodGlue now.
Hope it will stick this time.
Isn't it possible to make a kind of replica?

I can ask a person of a bar in Gent where I live. Or somebody who I know who organizes master tastings ... they should have the box.
But I doubt it very seriously that annyboy will give away (sell) that plate.

kind regards
Bart Alisch

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