Sullivan's Cove HH525

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Sullivan's Cove HH525

Postby NB1981 » Mon Jun 16, 2014 7:49 am

Hi all

I was lucky enough to accidentally buy 2 bottles from the award winning barrel 525 of Tasmania's Sullivans Cove distillery. I saw on the news website that Sullivan's Cove French Oak cask has won the award and so picked up a couple of bottles that same day... before the stampede started i guess. I just returned from a family holiday to Hobart, where i learned that they might be worth a fair bit of money if they were from the right batch. Both bottles are from the same barrel (HH525), unfortunately one only has a few drams left. Easy come easy go! it was a nice drop, but i think definitely matched by some of the Nant whiskies i tried down there.

The other is i daresay not about to be quaffed so piggishly.

I know nothing of collecting whisky. Could anyone spare any advice on what is likely to happen to this bottle as a collectible over the years ahead? Is it worth selling it now, or will it hold value over time? The bottle is sealed and boxed.

Many thanks

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