A 193 year old whisky??

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A 193 year old whisky??

Postby patrick dicaprio » Thu May 19, 2005 1:40 pm

HOLLISTON, Mass. - Workers restoring a chimney in an old house here found what they believe to be a 193-year-old bottle of whiskey on a hidden shelf just above the fireplace.


Chuck Clapham, owner of Masonry Restoration, said he thinks the masonry crew probably left the half-full bottle behind when they built the chimney nearly two centuries ago.

The label was tattered, he told the MetroWest Daily News of Framingham, but Clapham's son Michael could still make out a date on it: 1812. A broken cork was lodged in the top, and dark liquid sloshed around inside.

Kristin Foster, who has lived in the house on Fiske Street with her family since 1996, said she could not make out the name of the whiskey bottling company on the faded label. But below the address the label clearly reads "opposite Faneuil Hall Market," a reference to the historic meeting house in downtown Boston. The bottle also has a stamp on the back that reads "full pint."

A second bottle found Tuesday appears to have contained acid, Clapham said.

Clapham said he often finds artifacts buried behind walls. He has recovered wedding rings, silver coins and shoes.


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